Retag Tables in Paras

Applies new table format names based on the associated paragraph tag.

In order to control proper nesting of tables in complex structured, it is at times necessary to assign new table format names to tables within certain section of a topic. This command will retag tables by assigning a prefix or suffix to the current table format name.

Before using this command you must modify the RetagTablesInParas section of the fm2dita.ini file to specify the paragraph tag and prefix/suffix string mapping. Set the value of “Prefix” or “Suffix” to the AddPostion parameter to indicate where the string is added to the table format names. Set the Count parameter to the number of TagList and TblFmtStr pairs you are specifying. Then set the TagList-<N> values to a list of paragraph tag names (delimited with the Delim character; space by default) which will be scanned for table anchors. The associated TblFmtStr-<N> value is the string that is added (as a prefix or suffix) to the table format name.

The following example shows how you would assign a prefix of “list-” to the table format names of tables that are anchored to Bullet1 or BulletCont paragraphs, and a prefix of “info-” to the table format names of tables that are anchored to Step or StepInfo paragraphs.

TagList-1=Bullet1 BulletCont 
TagList-2=Step StepInfo 

This command must be run before applying the conversion table (since the conversion table should be designed to key off of these new tag names) and typically after running the RetagParas command.