Use an alternate external text editor

To change the external application used for editing, you can specify the name of that application with the ExternalEditor parameter in the General section of the BookVars.INI file at FrameMaker\Pubs-Tools\BookVars.INI. (Note that this is not the BookVars file that is associated with a book file, this is in the Pubs-Tools folder in the main FrameMaker folder.)

The format for the main BookVars.INI file is as follows:


These parameters have the following meanings:

Specifies that the internal editor be in its normal or expanded width. (0=normal, 1=expanded)
Specifies the default Text Editor Type option to be selected in the Generate BookVars File dialog. (0=internal, 1=external)
Specifies the application path (possibly optional) and file name of the executable file for the external text editor.