Insert Topicref

Add a new topicref to a DITA map file or change the selected topicref to reference a new file.

New topicref elements can be added with the Insert Topicref command or by inserting a topicref element from the element catalog. Inserting a topicref displays a file dialog, letting you select the referenced file. When the file is selected, a topicref element is inserted at the current insertion point and an fm-topicreflabel element is inserted as a child of the topicref element. Topicref elements can reference other DITA topic files or DITA map files.

The fm-topicreflabel element only exists within the FrameMaker environment and provides an object that displays a label that can be double-clicked to open the associated file. When the file is saved to XML, the fm-topicref element is removed. When opening a DITA map, topicref elements are automatically populated with fm-topicref label elements. When the fm-topicreflabel element is generated on file open, the label text is extracted from the navtitle attribute of the topicref element. If the title text of the target topic changes, you can update the navtitle text (and thus the label) by using the Update References command.