New DITA File

Creates a new empty DITA map or topic file.

There are two groups of items on the DITA-FMx > New DITA File menu. Items above the divider create a new map file and items below the divider create a new topic file. These quantity and labels of these items will vary depending on the map and topic structure applications you have selected in the Options dialog. The map items are those elements with a class attribute value of “map/map” and the topic items are elements those with a class attribute value of “topic/topic.”

After selecting an item you are prompted for the file name to create. These are immediately saved as XML files using the name specified. If you don’t provide a file name extension for the new topic file, one is added based on the type specified in the Default File Type option in the Options dialog. DITA map files are given the extension of “ditamap.”

When creating a new file, if your insertion point is in a DITA map at a location that is valid for a topicref element, you are prompted to insert the new file as a topicref.

Creation of new DITA files differs from the standard FrameMaker “New” command because FrameMaker does not provide a method for creating an “Untitled” XML file (one that is not saved to the file system). If you want to start with an “Untitled” file, select the standard New command (File > New) and use the DITA template as the template file.