In order to provide a clickable label for the topicref element, the fm-topicreflabel element must be added to the EDD. This element is discarded on file save, and is recreated on file open.

To implement this feature the fm-topicreflabel element definition must be added to the EDD and added to the general rule of the topicref element. The fm-topicreflabel element should have a general rule of “<TEXT>”. If you want to apply character formatting you can add text format rules.

Because the fm-topicreflabel element is not part of the DITA specification, it must be deleted on file save. Add the following rule to the Map applicaiton rules file:

fm element "fm-topicreflabel" drop;

If this element is not added to the EDD, you will be able to create topicref elements, but they will have no label to click on.

The fm-topicreflabel element should be added only to Map application.