DITA-FMx User Guide


Runs the DITA map to FM book conversion process.

This function generates an FM book and FM chapter files from the specified DITA map. It also runs the FixBookRefs and LoadReferences functions to properly resolve all references. If this function is used to generate an FM book, you should not use the FixBookRefs and LoadReferences functions. All parameters listed below are required.


F_ApiCallClient("ditafmx", "MapToBook|mapName|appName|outBookName");
Full path and filename of the DITA map to use as the source for the book. To use the “current” document as the map, use a “.” (period) as the mapName value. Required.
Name of the structure application to use for the conversion. Required.
Path and filename of the new book file to generate. If a relative path is used for the outBookName, it is assumed to be relative to the DITA map being processed. Required.
Note: This DITA-FMx API function is only available when the “FMx-Auto” addon is installed. For information on this DITA-FMx addon, please contact Leximation.

Return Value

Failure. Unable to update the specified document. It is also possible that DITA-FMx is not available for calls. Verify that DITA-FMx is registered in the maker.ini file using the client name of “ditafmx”.
Failure. The number of parameters passed (as a negative number). If more or fewer than 4 parameters are passed, that number will returned as a negative number.
Successfully converted the specified map (this is the value of the generated bookId).