DITA-FMx User Guide


Runs the Prepare Variables for FM Book command.


F_ApiCallClient("ditafmx", "PrepareVariables[|docOrBookIdOrName]");
Id or path and file name of document or book to process. You must use double backslashes as the directory delimiter when specifying the book or document file name. Optional, if not provided, the “active” document or book will be used.
Note: This DITA-FMx API function is only available when the “FMx-Auto” addon is installed. For information on this DITA-FMx addon, please contact Leximation.

Return Value

Failure. Unable to process the specified document or book. It is also possible that DITA-FMx is not available for calls. Verify that DITA-FMx is registered in the maker.ini file using the client name of “ditafmx”.
Success. Value returned represents the number of variables “prepared.”