DITA-FMx User Guide


The fm-xref element is used to create a FrameMaker-style cross-reference used inline as a standard DITA xref element would be used. On file save, this converts to a standard DITA xref element and on file open, it converts back into an fm-xref element. The way an fm-xref is identified as such is the type attribute value which is given the format of “fm:<format name>”. Where <format name> is the cross-reference format name as defined in the FrameMaker template. When an fm-xref element is inserted, the standard FrameMaker Cross-Ref dialog displays, select the target element and the cross-ref is inserted as the fm-xref element.

To use the fm-xref feature requires the creation of the fm-xref element definition.

  1. Create an fm-xref element definition (in the EDD):
    1. Make a copy of the default xref element definition.
    2. Change the name to “fm-xref”
    3. Delete the general rule (an fm-xref cannot have child elements)
  2. Add fm-xref to the appropriate general rules (everywhere that an xref element is valid, the fm-xref element should also be).

The fm-xref element should be added to both the Topic and Book applications.