DITA-FMx User Guide

link and fm-linklabel

In order to provide a clickable label for the link element, the fm-linklabel element must be added to the EDD. This element is discarded on file save, and is recreated on file open.

The only thing required to implement this feature is to add the element definition to the EDD and to add it to the general rule of the link element. The fm-linklabel element should have a general rule of “<TEXT>”. If you want to apply character formatting you can add text format rules.

If this element is not added to the EDD, you will be able to create link elements, but they will have no label to click on.

Note: It has been found that children of this element may not import properly if your EDD specifies a prefix rule for the link element. The FM8-DITA and early DITA-FMx Topic applications specify a prefix rule for link. If you’re having link import problems, you may want to investigate this possibility.

The fm-linklabel element should be added to both the Topic and Book applications.