DITA-FMx User Guide

Flatten Conrefs

Unlocks all conrefs in the active book or file.

By default, conrefs are wrapped in a locked region similar to a text inset. While working in DITA XML files, this is typically the desired functionality, but once a DITA file has been saved to a FM file, it may be useful for the conrefs to be unlocked. This is a particular issue when the conref contains embedded fm-xrefs, which will not be clickable links in a PDF unless the conref has been unlocked.

This can also be done automatically during the Map to Book conversion process by selecting the Flatten Conrefs option in the Book Build Settings dialog found in the DITA Options dialog.

Important: This command can be run on an XML file (or a workbook of XML files), and it will flatten all conrefs. Use caution when running this command; once the conrefs are flattened they cannot be rebuilt.