DITA-FMx User Guide

Insert Conref

Displays the Reference Manager which lets you insert a content reference.

The Reference Manager (displayed when you choose DITA-FMx > Insert Conref) allows you to create conrefs to elements within the same file or in other files. In the Reference Manager dialog you select from the files currently open, the element name (valid at the current insertion point), then from a list of matching elements which have id attribute values (required for conrefing). The conrefed element is inserted at the location specified. You can double click the conref to re-open the Reference Manager to change the referenced element or edit the source file. The Reference Manager also lets you display the list of all elements for conrefing (even if they have no id value), you must provide the id value at insertion time.

Figure 1. DITA-FMx Reference Manager dialog box

On the opening of a file, the content of any conrefed element is resolved and displayed as a locked text range (similar to a text inset). The color of conrefs is defined by the “DITA-Conref” color (this is a custom color definition and can be changed in the template). The auto-loading functionality may be enabled/disabled with the Options command.

The Update References command provides an option to load and build the conref elements (if they were not initially loaded by the auto-load functionality), and update the conrefs to reflect changes in the source files.

If you want to “break” a conref (make it into editable text rather than a locked range), just delete the value of the conref attribute, then double-click the conref. You’ll get the Text Inset Properties dialog with a Convert to Text button. Choose the Convert to Text button then the Convert button in the next dialog. This completely severs the connection to the source file.