DITA-FMx User Guide

Save View Settings

Preserves the user’s view settings so they can restored without editing the default template file.

This command saves the values of the following view settings:

  • Document zoom
  • Attribute display options
  • Element boundary type and view settings
  • Visibility of borders, text symbols, rulers, and grid lines

To automatically restore these view settings to other documents as they are opened, enable the Restore Saved View Settings option.

The view settings are saved in the FM document, not in XML files, so if you change a view setting, then close and reopen a file, those settings are not reapplied unless this option is enabled. Without this feature, you would need to edit the structure application template file by setting the desired options and saving that template. This feature allows multiple people to use the same structure application without needing to make modifications for personal use.

Note: This command does not save all of the possible “view” settings, just those listed above. To change other view options such as display or font units or grid spacing, edit those settings in the appropriate structure application’s template file.