DITA-FMx User Guide

Xref to Hyperlink

Builds FrameMaker Hyperlinks at each xref or link element, to enable live hyperlinks in generated PDF files.

By default, only fm-xref or fm-link elements become “live” hyperlinks in a PDF generated from FrameMaker (as opposed to a PDF generated through the DITA-OT with the Generate Output command). Run the Xref to Hyperlink command on an FM file or book to build hyperlinks from each xref or link element. This command only processes “internal” xref and link elements (those where the scope attribute is set to something other than “external”). To ensure that external xrefs or links become live hyperlinks, you must enable the Add Hypertext Marker to External Xrefs option in the Options dialog before generating the FM file or book.

In order to create proper “gotolink” Hypertext commands, associated Hypertext markers with “newlink” commands are inserted at each element that contains an id attribute.

This command should be run only on generated FM files, not the source XML files. Running this command on XML files results in the Hypertext markers being saved to the XML as processing instructions and needlessly clutters the files.

This can also be done automatically during the Map to Book conversion process by selecting the Convert Xrefs/Links into Hyperlinks option in the Book Build Settings dialog found in the DITA Options dialog.