Runs the Build Workbook from Map command to create a book file that contains all XML files referenced by a map.


F_ApiCallClient("ditafmx", "MapToWorkbook |mapName [| outBookName]");
The full path and file name of the DITA map to be processed. This file must already be open in FrameMaker. The mapName value may be “.” (dot) to indicate the “current” file. Required.
Full path and file name of the book to be generated. Optional. If not provided the new book name will be <mapName>
Note: This DITA-FMx API function is only available when the “FMx-Auto” addon is installed. For information on this DITA-FMx addon, please contact Leximation.

Return Value

Failure. Unable to process the specified document or book. It is also possible that DITA-FMx is not available for calls. Verify that DITA-FMx is registered in the maker.ini file using the client name of “ditafmx”.
Success. Value returned represents the number of conditions applied.