Installing DITA-FMx on FrameMaker 7.2

If installing on FrameMaker 7.2 and other DITA support is installed, you will need to disable that DITA support.

If you are upgrading from the Adobe DITA App Pack or from the first beta version of DITA-FMx (v.0.01), you may need to modify the maker.ini file or disable existing client plugins. If you’re new to DITA authoring or haven’t installed either of these plugins, proceed to Run the Installer Application.

Important: The structure applications provided with DITA-FMx 2.0 are in FM8 format. FM7.2 users will need to open them in FM8 and downsave to FM7 format. If you’re unable to do this, contact Leximation.

In order to eliminate any possible conflicts with previous versions of the DITA authoring plugins, check the following:

You may now proceed to Run the Installer Application.