IniSwitcher is a plugin developed for FrameMaker 8. IniSwitcher lets you switch between values in an INI file by selecting a command in FrameMaker.

IniSwitcher was developed specifically to make it easy to switch between the default FM8 DITA support and DITA-FMx, and installs with menu commands enabled for that purpose. Even though it is most likely that it will be used for making modifications to the maker.ini file it can be used to make changes to any INI file.

When you run an IniSwitcher command, that menu item receives a check mark so you know which was the last selected item.

To install IniSwitcher, extract the installer from the ZIP file, then run the installer executable. If you are reinstalling, there is no need to uninstall the old version, but you may want to make a backup of the IniSwitcher.INI file to preserve your settings. For information about uninstalling this tool, see Uninstalling IniSwitcher.

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