Delete Recover Files

Deletes the recover files created by FrameMaker after a crash.

When FrameMaker crashes, it is likely that any open files are saved as “recover” files (these files have “.recover” before the file extension). These files are saved as FrameMaker binary files even if you are editing XML files. This command reports on the number of recover files in the cache directory and allows you to delete them.

When you restart FrameMaker after a crash and try to reopen a file that was open during the crash, you will be prompted to open the recover file instead. In general you want to choose “No” at this prompt, so you can open the XML file. If you do this and find that you are missing content that you hoped would have been saved, you can manually open the recover file by using File > Open then browsing to the cache directory and selecting the recover file. Copy and paste the missing content from the recover file into the XML file, then close the recover file.

Important: It is important that you do not open the recover file, then save it as if it were an XML file. It is likely that you will replace the XML file with a FrameMaker binary file which will cause problems for the authoring process as well as when you try to check the file back in to the XDocs server.