The AutoFM Data Model

A simple data model that provides elements and structure for defining the opening, saving, processing, and printing of files in FrameMaker.

The AutoFM data model is very simple. Each element is named based on its function. Most elements have attributes that refine aspects of that functionality. In general an AutoFM script is an XML description of the process you’d go through if you were performing the task manually.

At the root is the autofm element, which can have the following child elements: file, book, action, or exit. The file and book elements let you open, select, close, print, or save (with like-named elements). The book element also lets you do an update to regenerate the book. The action element runs the specified FDK plugin, FrameScript, or ExtendScript (FM10 and later) command on the specified file. When processing is finished, the exit element closes FrameMaker.