Create a BookVars file based on the variables in an existing Frame file

  1. Select the file(s) from the list of files in the book. (If you select multiple files, the resulting BookVars file will contain the variable definitions from all of the selected Frame files.)
  2. Choose Pubs-Tools > BookVars > Generate BookVars File. If an existing BookVars.INI file already exists for the current book, you will be prompted to overwrite it. This displays the Generate BookVars File dialog.
  3. Enter a new variable group name. If you plan to have only one variable group you can accept the default name, otherwise you may want to use a more meaningful name.
  4. Select the variable type (system variables and/or user variables) to export to the BookVars file.
  5. Select the text editor type (internal or external) to use with this BookVars file.
  6. Choose OK, to write all of the variable names and definitions in the selected file(s) to the new BookVars file.