Rename specific variables in all files in a book

You can use the BookVars file to rename variables. The RenameVarChar parameter defines the character that tells the Import Variables command to rename the variable rather than change its definition. Set the RenameVarChar parameter to a value (a single character), then use that value as the first character of the "definition." The next time you run the Import Variables command, those variables will be renamed. You cannot rename system variables and you cannot rename an variable to a name that already exists, but you can replace it (see Replace specific variables in all files in a book).

For example, the following sample file will rename the PRODNAME, PRODURL, and PRODEXE variables to PRODUCTNAME, PRODUCTURL, and PRODUCTEXE. The RenameVarChar parameter is set to ">" and that character is used as the first character in the "definition."

Warning: Be careful to use a value for the RenameVarChar parameter that is not used as the first character in your variable names.
Important: Marker variables are not deleted or renamed through the Import Variables command. For more information, see Known Limitations.
Note: In BookVars version 1.04 and earlier the RenameVarChar parameter was named RenVarChar. The old name still works in version 1.07, but is not guaranteed to work in future versions. You should update your files to use the new name.