Uninstalling DITA-FMx

There is no Uninstall application provided with DITA-FMx. Because most of the installation is done manually, it would be misleading and possibly harmful to provide an uninstaller.

To remove DITA-FMx, just delete the DITA-FMx folder and remove the “ditafmx” lines from the APIClients section of the maker.ini file. If you just want to disable DITA-FMx, you can comment out the “ditafmx” lines by adding a semicolon at the beginning of each line.

If you’re using FrameMaker 8 and want to reinstall the default DITA support, just uncomment the lines in the maker.ini file that you commented out when installing DITA-FMx. If you deleted those lines, just add the following lines to the APIClients section of the maker.ini file:

ditafm=Standard, Translation client for DITA, fminit\ditafm.dll, structured 
ditafmx_app=Standard, Translation client for DITA, fminit\ditafm_app.dll, structured 
ditabook=Standard, Translation client for DITA, fminit\ditabook.dll, structured