Installation and Setup

Provides information about installing DITA-FMx.

DITA-FMx can be downloaded from

DITA-FMx version 1.0 supports DITA 1.0 on FrameMaker versions 7.2 and 8.0.

DITA-FMx is made up of three plugin components, one that provides import/export processing, one that provides general authoring support, and one that provides FrameMaker book generation. DITA-FMx also provides three structure applications (DTD, EDD, template, and read/write rules files), two for DITA topic and map authoring and one for book publishing. The EDD and rules files have been set up specially to allow proper interaction with DITA-FMx. If you want to build your own DITA structure applications, you should clone these files and modify them as needed. For more information see Customizing the Default Structure Applications.

If you have any installation problems or questions, please contact us at <ditafmx-help AT leximation DOT com>.