DITA-FMx User Guide

FrameMaker 8/9/10 Installation Requirements

If installing on FrameMaker 8, 9, or 10 you must edit the maker.ini file to disable the existing DITA support.

DITA-FMx cannot coexist with the default FM8/9/10 DITA support. An error message will display to remind you of this if you neglect to modify the maker.ini file.

  • Open the maker.ini file (in the main FrameMaker program folder) and locate the APIClients section. Look for lines that start with ditafm, ditafm_app, ditabook (FM8 only), and possibly ditaOpenToolkit (if you’ve installed the DITA OpenToolkit connector). Delete or comment out these lines (by adding a semicolon at the start of the line).

FM10 OnlyOn FrameMaker 10, you must restart FrameMaker after initial setup to ensure that the proper structure applications have been registered in the ditafm.ini file. Due to changes in FM10, the structure applications are stored in both the ditafmx.ini and the default ditafm.ini files.

Note: If you’re interested in switching between FM8/9/10-DITA and DITA-FMx, refer to the topic Switching Between DITA-FMx and FM8/9/10-DITA.

You may now proceed to Run the Installer Application.