DITA-FMx User Guide

Run the Installer Application

Extract the EXE from the ZIP archive and run it.

The DITA-FMx installer application is provided in a ZIP archive. As part of the installation process, the installer modifies the maker.ini file. If you feel it is necessary, you may want to make a backup of this file before running the installer. If you are installing an update, see Installing a DITA-FMx Update.

Note: There is no Uninstall application provided. Because most of the installation is done manually, it would be misleading to provide an uninstaller. To remove DITA-FMx, just delete the DITA-FMx folder and remove the “ditafmx” lines from the maker.ini file.

Extract the executable from the archive and run it. The installer extracts and copies the required files to the FrameMaker\DITA-FMx folder.

The following files are installed:

  • ditafmx_<fmver>.dll - Authoring support plugin DLL (in DITA-FMx 1.1 the book-processing DLL has been combined with the authoring support DLL).

  • ditafmx_<fmver>_app.dll - Import/export client DLL.

  • pt_updates.dll - The DLL that provides web access for the “check for updates” command.

  • ditafmx.chm - DITA-FMx User Guide online Help file.

  • ditafmx-ref.chm - DITA Reference online Help file (for element-based context sensitive authoring help). Includes the special DITA-FMx elements.

  • DITA-FMx_Help_Source.zip - Source for the user documentation.

  • DITA-FMx_apps.zip - Structure application files.

  • ditafmx-ant.xml - Ant script that provides targets for the Current File option of the Generate Output command.

  • PROJECT.xml - Sample Ant script for the Selected Target option of the Generate Output command.

  • ditafmx-bookbuild.ini - The default book-build INI used by the Generate Book from Map (Book Build) process. Copy this file into the folder that contains the generated book file to customize the build process for that book. If no book-build INI file is found in the output folder, the settings in this default file are used.

  • filtergroups.ini - The default INI file used by the filtering groups feature of the Set Attributes command. Copy this file into the folder that contains the topic files to create project-specific filtering groups. If no filtergroups.ini file is found in the topic folder, the settings in this default file are used.

  • missing-image-break.png and missing-image-inline.png - The default file names assigned to all image references during the book-build process (Generate Book from Map command). The “break” image is assigned to images with @placement=’break’ and the “inline” image is assigned to other images. This prevents the errant messages about missing images from displaying druing the book-build process. After the file references have been resolved, the proper file names are reset, but any images that are actually missing will remain set to these defaults.

  • ditafmx-zip.exe - A ZIP archive creation utility provided by Info-ZIP. Used by the Create Archive command.

  • ditafmx-unzip.exe - A ZIP archive extraction utility provided by Info-ZIP. Used by the automated structure application installation process.

After extracting the new files, the installer updates the APIClients section of the maker.ini file with references to the plugin DLLs. The following lines are added (the numbers “100” will vary based on the FrameMaker version):

ditafmx=Standard, ditafmx, DITA-FMx\ditafmx_100.dll, structured 
ditafmx_app=Standard, ditafmx_app, DITA-FMx\ditafmx_100_app.dll, structured

FM7.2 OnlyIf you are upgrading from the Adobe DITA App Pack or from the first beta version of DITA-FMx (v.0.01), you may need to modify the maker.ini file or disable the client plugins. If you are see console errors when starting FrameMaker, make sure you have addressed the issues described in FrameMaker 7.2 Installation Requirements.

Once the installation has completed, you need to set up the structure applications before you can create and edit DITA files. Continue to Installing the Structure Applications.

If you want to disable any of the plugin clients, comment out the ditafmx and ditafmx_app entries in the APIClients section of the maker.ini file.