DITA-FMx User Guide

Generate Output

Provides methods for generating output through the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) from within FrameMaker.

Select the build type and the desired options, then choose the Build button to generate output through the DITA Open Toolkit. If you want to generate output based on the current file (a topic or map) using one of the pre-defined targets (such as CHM, XHTML, or PDF), use the Current File option. If you have set up an Ant script to build a specific project (not necessarily the current file), use the Selected Target option.

Figure 1. DITA-FMx Generate Output dialog box

Current File

This option uses a provided Ant script for processing the current map or topic file using the selected target. You can also use the Use Selected Ditaval File option to specify filtering using a selected ditaval file. For setup information, see Generate Output: Current File Option.

When this build type is used, a folder is created in the current file’s folder named build-<filename>. Within that folder, another folder is created to match the selected output type. The files are generated in that folder.

Selected Target

This option lets you run an Ant script and target that you have provided. For information on using this feature, see the section Generate Output: Selected Target Option.

Additional options are available for use with either Generate Output build option.

Open Output
If selected, the output folder will be opened after the build completes.
Write Logfile
If selected, a log file is generated and opened after the build completes. If this option is not selected, the build status displays in a command shell window.
Keep Dialog Open
If selected, the Generate Output dialog remains open so you can easily run another build.
Use Selected Ditaval File
This option is only available for use with the Current File output type. If selected, the selected ditaval file is used for the build. Note that you must have added ditaval files with the Ditaval Manager in order for ditaval files to be listed here.