DITA-FMx User Guide

Build Map from Outline

Generates a DITA map and stub files from a simple FrameMaker document or text file.

This command builds a DITA map and associated DITA topic files based on the title text in paragraphs in a FrameMaker document (a binary FM file, not an XML file) or a text file opened in FrameMaker. The topic type for each topicref is defined by the paragraph tag name, and the nesting level is defined by the number of tabs that indent each paragraph. You can optionally provide an “element template” to define the initial structure for each new topic file.

A “map from outline” template file is provided in the Structure\xml\DITA-FMx folder. This file provides the paragraph tags for the basic topic types, but you can add your own tags for any specialized topic types that are needed. Any paragraph tags that start with an underscore are ignored when creating topicrefs. The new DITA map file is named based on the FM file’s name and all files are created relative to the FM file.

The paragraph tag named “_map-title” defines the text that will be used for the map/@title attribute (the map’s title). The paragraph tags “topic,” “concept,” “task,” and “reference” are used to define a topicref of the specified type. To specify an element template, include the name of the template after the topic title in angle brackets. For example, in the following paragraphs the first one is tagged with the “concept” style and the second is tagged with the “task” style. When converted into a map, it would create two topics, the first being a concept that used no element template, and the second a task that used the element template named “new~task~basic-task.fm”.

Linear Objects 
Drawing Lines <basic-task>

The file names of the generated topic files are defined by the New File Name Format in the DITA-FMx Options dialog. This may mean that the filenames are title-based or they could be based on the topic’s unique ID, the date/time, or other values. You can also use that format to create the new files in topic-based folders.

If the text of the paragraph is a DITA file name (must end with “.xml”, “.dita”, or “.ditamap” and have no spaces), that file name will be used for the href attribute value. If the paragraph tag is named “Body” it will assume the “topic” type. This allows you to open a text file that is a listing of files, and quickly generate a DITA map from that list.