DITA-FMx User Guide

Merge Para Tags

Ensures that all paragraph tag names in all currently open documents, exist in all of those documents.

This command is useful for making it easier to set up PDF bookmarks for a PDF created from a book. When creating a PDF from a book, the bookmark list is the collection of all paragraph styles in all documents in that book. The include/exclude settings are defined by the first component in the book. Use the Merge Para Tags command to ensure that all paragraph tags in all files, exist in the first document.

Note: This command does not actually “copy” the style definitions, it just ensures that the tag names are the same. This means that it should not modify any existing style definitions.

It is best to run this command on the component templates that are used when building a book from a map, as well as any included files like a title page.

By default, all open files are updated but are not saved, so you can decide which ones to save. If you just want to make sure that the “first” file in the book has all of the styles (usually the title page), you can just save that file and close the others without saving.