fm-reflabel and Topic References

In order to provide a clickable label for some of the topic referencing elements in map and bookmap files, the fm-reflabel element must be added to the EDD. This element is discarded on file save, and is recreated on file open.

To implement this feature the fm-reflabel element definition must be added to the EDD and added to the general rule of the topicref, chapter, appendix, part, etc. elements. The fm-reflabel element should have a general rule of “<TEXT>”. If you want to apply character formatting you can add text format rules.

Because the fm-reflabel element is not part of the DITA specification, it must be deleted on file save. Add the following rule to the Map application rules file:

fm element "fm-reflabel" drop;

If this element is not added to the EDD, you will be able to create topic referencing elements, but they will have no label to click on.

For maps based on the DITA 1.2 model, most of the topic referencing elements will use the navtitle element instead of the fm-reflabel element, however, the keydef element does need a clickable label so uses fm-reflabel.

The fm-reflabel element should be added only to Map application.

Note: The fm-reflabel element replaces the fm-topicreflabel as of DITA-FMx 1.1. This change was made to support a clickable label on all topic referencing bookmap elements. When migrating FM-DITA applications, you’ll want to change fm-topicreflabel to fm-reflabel.