Indented Tables

It may be desirable to indent tables within lists.

Unfortunately, FrameMaker does not provide any way to control the indenting of tables other than by setting a left indent value for all tables of a particular format. While you could have a special format for tables in lists, this may quickly become unreasonable to manage.

DITA-FMx provides the Indent Table to Parent Element option (in the Authoring Options dialog), to automatically set the left indent for tables, based on the Left Indent property of the parent element’s paragraph tag. When a table is used in a standard list, the parent element will be the li element.

The indent is applied on file save (as well as on file open). After inserting a table in a list, save the document and the table will be indented to match the parent.

The indenting of simpletable elements is controlled by the expanse attribute values:

Note: For book builds, if your page layout uses varying column or page frame widths, you may need to use the BookBuildOverrides/FixTableWidths=1 setting.