component template

Structured FrameMaker template files applied to the book components after the initial Book structured application template has been applied to the DITA map to generate the book and component files.

There are two types of component templates, layout templates (with a tpl~ prefix) and generated list templates (with a gentpl~ prefix). Layout templates are applied to book components based on their map element type (chapter, appendix, etc.). Generated list templates are applied to components that are children of the booklists element (in frontmatter and backmatter), in order to make use of the default FrameMaker generated list feature.

Fundamentally, the layout component templates are typically a renamed copy of the Book template, with modifications made to alter the page layout or formatting definitions. The underlying structural model must match that of the Book template, but the context rules may differ in order to achieve the desired effect.

Component templates are referenced by the BookTemplatesDir parameter in a book-build INI file. This parameter specifes a folder that contains the component templates available for a particular build.