Uninstalling MiniToc

There is no Uninstall application provided for MiniToc. Because there are only few files installed, it’s easiest to just perform this uninstallation manually.

To uninstall the MiniToc plugin:

  1. Locate the “Pubs-Tools:MiniToc” entry in the APIClients section of your maker.ini file.
  2. Delete this line from the INI file, then save and close the file.

To completely remove the plugin files, delete the MiniToc DLL and CHM files from the Pubs-Tools folder located in the main FrameMaker folder.

To disable the MiniToc plugin:

To just disable the plugin, you can “comment out” the Pubs-Tools:MiniToc entry in the INI file by adding a semicolon at the beginning of that line.

;Pubs-Tools:MiniToc=Standard, MiniToc, Pubs-Tools\MiniToc_<ver>.dll, structured