Installing or reinstalling this plugin is simple.

To install or reinstall MiniToc, follow the instructions below. If you are reinstalling, there is no need to uninstall the old version. For information about uninstalling this tool, see Uninstalling MiniToc.

  1. Extract the installer executable file from the ZIP file downloaded from
  2. Run the installer by double-clicking the executable file.
  3. Review the information provided and agree to the EULA to complete the installation.
  4. When prompted, select your FrameMaker version from the list, and continue.
  5. Restart FrameMaker.
  6. If this is your initial installation you will need to enter an authorization code before the plugin can be used. You can request a 30-day trial code by choosing Pubs-Tools > MiniToc > Try Now. Enter your trial or full authorization code by choosing Pubs-Tools > MiniToc > Enter Authorization Code.

The MiniToc support files (DLL and CHM files) are copied into a Pubs-Tools folder in your main FrameMaker folder (typically C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker<VERSION>) and the maker.ini file in your main FrameMaker folder is updated to reference the plugin DLL.

If you are installing on Windows Vista, 7, or 8, the installation process creates a Pubs-Tools folder in your “AppData” area (typically %appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\<VERSION>).

A Pubs-Tools.ini and sample minitoc.ini files are created in the “user’s” Pubs-Tools folder. To locate the Pubs-Tools folder that contains these INI files choose Pubs-Tools > Open Pubs-Tools Folder.

When this plugin is installed, you should see the MiniToc commands on the Pubs-Tools > MiniToc menu. If DITA-FMx is installed, you will also see an MiniToc menu at DITA-FMx > FMx-Addons > MiniToc. The commands on both menus operate in exactly the same way.

This plugin provides one command:

Note: When MiniToc processes a book, any FM files that are already open will be modified but not saved; those files will remain open. Any FM files that are not open when the command is run are opened, processed, saved, and closed. This command does not process generated files (TOC, Index, etc).