1.0.01- 7 July 2012

New Features

Added import and export elements
New import and export elements allow the specification of an import or export filter via the filter attribute. The import element also provides for a template child element that lets you specify a FM file tempalte to apply to the imported file.
Added Filter Hint Strings command
The Filter Hint Strings command generates a list of the installed import and export filters. The strings displayed can be used with the import and export filter attribute.
Added support for additional saveas file types
The saveas element now accepts additional @type values. The available values are not valid for all versions of FrameMaker; use those that make sense for your FrameMaker version.

Structure Application Updates

DTD and EDD (autofm.dtd, autofm-edd.fm)
  • Added import, export, and template elements.
  • Added FM version-specific @type values for the saveas element (FM6, FM7, FM8, FM9, FM10, MIF7, MIF8, MIF9, MIF10, COMPOSITE, BOOK-XML, BOOK-FM).

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Console file is copied to the “log” folder
After an AutoFM build completes, the consfile.txt file is copied to the folder that contains the generated LOG file (same folder as the AutoFM file).
Properly generates PDFs on 64-bit Windows systems
PDF printing on 64-bit Windows systems is handled by the splwow64.exe utility. If this file is not installed in the standard location (C:\Windows\splwow64.exe), specify its location in the General/SPLWOW64 parameter in the autofm.ini file.