1.0.04 - 20 April 2014

New Features

Added support for FrameMaker 12
AutoFM can now be installed on FrameMaker 12.
Added pdfsetup element
The pdfsetup element allows you to set the joboptions value on a document.
Added importformats elements
The importformats element imports formats from one document to another.

Structure Application Updates

DTD and EDD (autofm.dtd, autofm-edd.fm)
  • Added pdfsetup and importformats elements, and related attributes.
  • Added FM version-specific @type values for the saveas element (FM11 and MIF11).

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Modified the method for exiting FrameMaker
The standard method for exiting FrameMaker from an API client seems to have problems on Win7 and 8 systems. This plugin now uses the PostQuitMessage() WinAPI function, which seems to be a bit more graceful.