1.0.05 - 5 October 2015

New Features

Added support for FrameMaker 2015
AutoFM can now be installed on FrameMaker 2015.
Added pdfdocinfo element
The pdfdocinfo and infoitem elements let you define PDF Doc Info metadata entries.
Added pageheight and pagewidth attributes
The pdfsetup element can now specify pageheight and pagewidth values.

Structure Application Updates

DTD and EDD (autofm.dtd, autofm-edd.fm)
  • Added pdfdocinfo and infoitem elements, and related attributes.
  • Added pageheight and pagewidth attributes to the pdfsetup element.
  • Added FM version-specific @type values for the saveas element (FM12 and MIF12).
Template (autofm-template.fm)
  • Imported updated EDD.

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates