Generate BookVars File

This command generates a BookVars file from the variable definitions that exist in the selected file(s). Once you have generated a BookVars file, you can use the Edit BookVars File command to modify the variable definitions, and then use the Import Variables command to import those variable definitions into all files in the book.

A BookVars file can contain multiple variable groups. If you define multiple groups in a single BookVars file you can switch between those groups to easily update variable definitions for different products or languages. You can add additional groups to the BookVars file with the Update BookVars File command.

FM5,6,7: You need to purposefully select a Text Editor Type when you initially generate the BookVars file. Once you have specified the editor type, you should not change it. Generally the internal editor is fine, unless you have a very large number of variable or plan to have many variable groups. The internal editor is limited to 30K of data (this is about 1000 variable definitions). For more information on choosing this option, see Selecting the Text Editor Type.