Normalizes all references in the files of a FM book file.

Use this function to rebuild and correct all references (xrefs, links, conrefs, and image references) after aggregating loose DITA topics into “chapter” files. Call this function using the “FixBookRefs” parameter to update the active book, or pass the bookId value (as a string) after this parameter to update a specific book.


F_ApiCallClient("DITAFMX", "FixBookRefs [bookId]");

Return Value

Failure. Unable to update the specified book. It is also possible that DITA-FMx is not available for calls. Verify that DITA-FMx is registered in the maker.ini file using the client name of “ditafmx”.
Failure. bookId is not a structured book.
Failure. No non-generated files in book.
Successfully updated the specified book (this is the value of the bookId processed).