DITA-FMx User Guide

Installation and Setup

Detailed information about installing DITA-FMx.

DITA-FMx version 1.1 supports DITA 1.1 on FrameMaker versions 7.2, 8, 9, and 10 and can be downloaded from www.leximation.com/dita-fmx/.

DITA-FMx is made up of two plugin components, one that provides import/export processing and one that provides general authoring support. DITA-FMx also provides three structure applications (DTD, EDD, template, and read/write rules files), two for DITA topic and map authoring and one for book publishing. The EDD and rules files have been set up to allow proper interaction with DITA-FMx. If you want to build your own DITA structure applications, you should clone these files and modify them as needed. For more information see Developing Custom Structure Applications.

We’ve posted a video of the complete installation process. Please take a moment to watch this video: http://blog.leximation.com/2010/03/installing-dita-fmx-1-1/

If you have any installation problems or questions, please contact us at <ditafmx-help AT leximation DOT com>.