DITA-FMx User Guide

Extending DITA-FMx

Provides methods for controlling DITA-FMx from other applications.

DITA-FMx provides a limited set of “CallClient” function calls. These functions can be used by other FDK plugin clients as well as by ExtendScript (in FM10), FrameScript and FrameAC.

Note: Most of these functions are enabled only when the “FMx-Auto” addon is installed. For information on this DITA-FMx addon, please contact Leximation.

A typical syntax statement shows the call from an FDK client using the F_ApiCallClient() function. A similar call can be made from ExtendScript or FrameScript using the CallClient() function.

All calls require the DITA-FMx client name (“ditafmx”), which must be lower case, and a call client function name (which is not case sensitive). Some calls may have additional (required or optional) parameters. When additional parameters are provided, they are passed as a single tab or vertical bar delimited string. If this string exceeds 512 characters it is truncated.

For example, the FixBookRefs call can make use of the bookId. To pass the bookId (an integer value) convert it to a string and concatenate that string to the initial parameter. For example, if the bookId is 3489237, the FDK call would be as follows:

F_ApiCallClient("ditafmx", "FixBookRefs\t3489237");

As of DITA-FMx 1.1.09, you can also use the vertical bar character as the argument delimiter for calls to the ditafmx client:

F_ApiCallClient("ditafmx", "FixBookRefs|3489237");

If you would like to have access to specific DITA-FMx functionality that is not currently exposed, please let us know.