Using Lightweight DITA in DITA-FMx

Lightweight DITA offers a simpler model for authoring of content.

As of v.2.0.06, DITA-FMx supports authoring and publishing of the Lightweight DITA model. While the specification for this model is not final, it seems stable enough to provide a set of (beta) structure applications to give users a taste of this alternative authoring and publishing option.

The structure applications provided with DITA-FMx are based on the model as of June 2, 2016. Updates to the DTDs are available on

Remember: These structure applications are considered to be “beta” samples. If you run into problems or have any questions, please contact us at <ditafmx-help AT leximation DOT com>.

In order to use the Lightweight DITA model, you need to install the structure applications. We provide the same set of apps as with the full model, Topic, Map, and Book. These apps are available in file found in the DITA-FMx installation folder (FrameMaker\DITA-FMx-2). Just extract the contents of that file into your Structure\xml folder. This should result in a LwDITA-FMx folder with the application folders inside.

Figure 1. Lightweight DITA structure applications

Each of the application folders contains a “structapps-stub” file along with the required application files. Insert the stub file into your structure application definition file as described in Manual Installation of the Structure Applications (using the LwDITA stub files instead of the default app files).

After installing these applications, set the Book, Topic, and Map applications to the LwDITA apps in the DITA Options dialog. Once this is complete, you should be able to create and edit Lightweight DITA files in FrameMaker.

The _readme.txt file contains additional information about Lightweight DITA and the provided structure applications.