Update Marker Variables

Markers that contain marker variables can be updated globally.

The MarkerTools plugin allows you to use FrameMaker variables in markers. You use the Building Block Manager of the Marker Edit dialog to insert special variable codes into a marker. The Update Marker variables command iterates over all markers in the document (or all documents in a book) and updates the marker variable codes with the latest definition of the referenced variable.

Use the Building Block Manager of the Edit Markers dialog to add variable codes to the marker text. For more information, see the Marker Variables dialog.

Any errors caused by running the Update Marker Variables command are reported in a Marker Variable Error Log that displays after the update has completed.

Note: When a system variable is used as a marker variable, the following characters are escaped with a backslash: backslash, colon, semicolon, right/left angle brackets, and right/left square brackets. When any variable is used as a marker variable, any angle-bracketed text (such as character formatting) is deleted from the definition used within the marker.