1.00.26 - 31 August 2008

New Features

Search in Files command matches on partial attribute values.
The Search in Files command now allows for matching on partial attribute values. This is especially useful for locating elements that have multiple values applied to their filtering attributes.

Bug Fixes

Apply Ditaval as Conditions command applies overlapping conditions.
The Apply Ditaval as Conditions command now applies overlapping conditions as required by attribute settings.
Generate Book from Map no longer saves XML files as FM.
In rare circumstances the Generate Book from Map command would save the XML file as a binary FM file making it impossible to continue. This no longer happens.
WMF images are now properly handled.
When adding a WMF image, it was not properly shrinkwrapped and the href value was not set until file save. WMF files are now handled the same as other image types
Windows Vista problems fixed.
On Windows Vista, inserting an xref no longer causes FM to crash.
Element templates must be closed to be used.
If you try to use an element template for a new file when the element template is open, you now receive a warning that you must close the template before it can be used.
Build Map from Outline handles invalid para styles.
If a paragraph style in the outline document references a style that doesn’t map to a topic type FM will no longer crash.
Conref problems resolved.
A conref to an xref will no longer cause FM to hang. Conrefs can now be made to simpletable elements (and related table types).