1.1.10 - 25 October 2010

New Features

Added Save View Settings command.
The “Save View Settings” feature introduced in version 1.1.09 operated on file save, and wasn’t very easy to use. This update adds this feature as a new command so you can easily specify when to save the view settings.
Restore Previous View Settings option renamed to Restore Saved View Settings.
Renamed the option to align with the new like-named command. If this setting is enabled, the view settings saved with the Save View Settings command are applied to files as they are opened.
Save View Settings includes attribute display options.
The Save View Settings command now saves the attribute display option setting.

Structure Application Updates


Bug Fixes

Open Maps in Document View (FM9) works for submaps.
Opening a submap from a topicref in a map will open and honor the Open Maps in Document View setting.