1.1.11 - 10 January 2011

New Features

Enables “proper” handling of booklists elements.
The INIOnly/UseBooklistPlaceholder INI parameter enables the “proper” handling of frontmatter and backmatter automatic list generation where the @href attribute is empty rather than requiring placeholder files. For details, see the “UseBooklistPlaceholder” description in INI-Only Settings.
Added support for language-specific book-build INI files.
The INIOnly/UseLanguageTemplate INI parameter enables support for alternate language book-build INI files based on the value of the topic/@xml:lang attribute. For details, see the “UseLanguageTemplate” description in INI-Only Settings.
Added support for table cell rotation.
Rotated table cells will round-trip properly and are rendered properly in generated book components. For details, see Working with Tables.
Enhancements to the book-build process.
Five new parameters have been added to the book-build INI file. In the General section, the AttrAsCondPrefix parameter lets the user specify an alternate prefix for conditions generated from map attributes. In the BookBuildOverrides section the MoveFigId and MoveTableId parameters support proper referencing of table titles and figure titles, the BreakToInline parameter allows for better indenting of images, and the NormalizeConditions parameter eliminates the inconsistent show/hide setting and inconsistent condition indicator messages when updating a book. For details, see Book-Build INI file.
New DITA File dialog pre-selects last used element template.
When an element template is used to create a specific topic type, that same template will be pre-selected when that topic type is created again.
Added “Merge Para Tags” command.
The Merge Para Tags command ensures that all paragraph tag names in all currently open documents, exist in all of those documents. For more information, see Merge Para Tags.

Structure Application Updates

Book Structure Application
  • Added a Chapter component template (tpl~chapter.fm), just a copy of the Book template, but a nice convenience.
Book EDD (book_1.1.edd.mif/fm)
  • Added fm-ditabook/@xml:lang
  • Changed fig/@id type to UniqueID
  • Added fm-figuretitle to fig general rule
  • Added fm-figuretitle element definition
  • Changed table/@id type to a UniqueID
  • Changed fm-tabletitle/@id type to UniqueID
  • Added context rules to title element definition to apply appendix and part title formats eliminating the need for separate appendix and part component template EDDs.
  • Added second set of context rules to fig element definition to support indenting of images.
Book template (book_1.1.template.fm) and component templates
  • Changed autonum in note.danger para format to “danger” (was “fastpath”).
  • Added figure.title.bottom and figure.title.wide.bottom para styles (for fm-figuretitle element).
  • Removed “Fixed” line spacing from figure.anchor and figure.anchor.wide para styles to support the revised handling of indented images.
  • Import updated Book EDD
Book DTD (fmxbook.dtd)
  • Added @xml:lang to fm-ditabook
Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • Added "translate" to strip CRs from attribute values assigned to fm-ditabook element (CRs are introduced when map metadata wraps in the XML file)
  • Added @xml:lang attribute to fm-ditabook
  • Strip colons from FM filename (fmfile variable) in 2 places
  • Added new template to process booklists/* map elements that have no @href value (no associated file)
  • Added new template to handle data and data-about elements in topics separately from maps (they get stripped from a map [book] but not from topics)
  • Added support for @print='no' (exclude from output) in 2 places
Map template (map_1.1.template.fm)
  • Changed font family to Wingdings on topicref.lead.char character style
Topic EDD (topic_1.1.edd.mif/fm)
  • Changed fig/@id type to UniqueID
  • Changed table/@id type to a UniqueID
Topic template (topic_1.1.template.fm)
  • Import updated EDD

Bug Fixes

Significant improvements to handling of graphic overlay objects.
The time required to open and save files that contain graphic overlay objects has been reduced significantly.
data and data-about elements are not deleted during book-build.
The XSLT import script no longer deletes the data and data-about elements from topics during a book-build.
topicref/@print=’no’ is now honored in book-build.
Topic references in a map that have the @print attribute set to “no” are now omitted from the generated book files.
fm-xref references to “moved” table and figure titles work properly.
Cross-references created with the fm-xref element will resolve properly even when the “Move title” options are selected in the book-build options.
All figure titles are rendered properly in the generated FM files.
The first figure title is no longer deleted from each chapter when the “move” option is used.
fm-link insertion no longer produces an error message.
Inserting an fm-link in FM9 no longer generates an invalid error message.
RelLinkType parameter is no longer ignored in the book-build INI file.
When specifying the related link type in the book-build INI file, the RelLinkType value will is now honored.
The Rebuild Variables in book-builds feature works properly now.
Selecting the Rebuild Variables option in the Book Build Options dialog or using the RebuildVars parameter in a book-build INI file will now enable previously “prepared” variables to be rebuilt in the generated FM files.