1.1.13 - 6 June 2011

New Features


Structure Application Updates

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • Updated $href translation to replace backslashes with an underscore to properly support maps created with default FM DITA (lines 707 and 996).
  • Added topicgroup to the list of elements that were unwrapped (line 1068).

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Eliminated Japanese error messages in FM10 book build processing.
Replaced the resource file in the FM10 import/export client with the proper English version, so now all messages during the book-build process are in English rather than Japanese.
The “Move fig/title” book-build feature now moves the fig/desc.
If a figure includes a desc element, that will also be moved to follow the image if the “Move fig/title” option is enabled for book-build processing.
The Hide Conditionalized Content book-build feature now works properly.
Previously this option didn’t appear to be working; now it does.
Properly handles xrefs with @type=’fm:’.
FrameMaker 9 and 10 create xrefs that contain a type attribute of “fm:”. Previously this was assumed to be a format name and resulted in an unresolved cross reference. Now if the type attribute contains this value, it is ignored when opened with DITA-FMx.
The PageStartSide book-build INI parameter allows chapters with uneven pages.
When the PageStartSide parameter is used in a section within the book-build INI file, it will now properly generate chapters with uneven pages.
Tables no longer overlap with the content that follows.
Added a new bookbuild INI setting BookBuildOverrides/ReimportTemplate, if set to 1 enables the "Reimport Template" feature which, reimports the template from the “current” file on each component in the book. This should be used with caution since when enabled in previous releases was causing Frame to crash. So far this seems to be working fine and fixes the table overlap (as well as other formatting) issues.
Test for invalid marker elements on save.
When saving a file, test for invalid marker elements to ensure that the markers have the proper EDD element definition (should be a marker object rather than a container). If a marker element is defined as a container, the save will be prevented (if the save is allowed to happen, FrameMaker will crash). This is a common error when converting from unstructured FM files to structure.