1.1.12 - 29 March 2011

New Features

Support for FrameMaker 10.
DITA-FMx can now be installed on FM10. Remember that DITA-FMx 1.1 supports the DITA 1.1 specification, so even though native FM10 supports DITA 1.2, you cannot use DITA 1.2 features with this version of DITA-FMx. DITA-FMx 2.0 is under development and will support DITA 1.2.
Support for round-tripping of line breaks as PIs.
If the GeneralExport/WriteLineBreakPIs INI parameter is set to 1 (the default), line breaks (SHIFT+ENTER) entered into running text will be stored as processing instructions (PIs) in the XML. When opened in FrameMaker (with DITA-FMx), these PIs will convert into line breaks. For details, see the “WriteLineBreakPIs” description in INI-Only Settings.
Document dictionary items are stored in the DITA file as PIs.
When spell-checking a document, the “Allow in Document” button saves the current word in the document dictionary; this is typically lost when working with XML files. DITA-FMx stores the document dictionary as processing instructions so that these words will be available for future spell checks on that document.
Added a user interface for defining doctype/application mapping.
The Options dialog now includes an Edit button that lets you define a doctype/application mapping for those who want to define separate structure applications for each topic type. This is especially important for FM10 support.
Added new auto-prolog and new file name building blocks.
Four new building blocks have been added: <$FMX_USERNAME>, <$FMX_FULLNAME>, <$OS_USERNAME>, and <$OS_COMPUTERNAME>. These building blocks are useful when the “RegInfo” values in the maker.ini file are not tied to the actual user.
Added support for accessing Help from a URL.
The DitaFMxGuide and DitaReference INI parameters can now specify a URL to access online Help from the web rather than a locally installed Help file. Added the DitaRefTargetPath parameter. For details, see the “DitaReference” description in INI-Only Settings.
Added the Open DITA-FMx Folder and Open Console Log commands.
Two new commands were added near the bottom DITA-FMx menu, Open DITA-FMx Folder and Open Console Log.The Open DITA-FMx Folder command opens a Windows Explorer window on the DITA-FMx folder to allow easy access to files. With Windows Vista or 7, this folder is under the user’s “app data” area. Open Console Log provides quick access to the consfile.txt file which contains the text of the messages printed to the console window.

Structure Application Updates

Map template (map_1.1.template.fm)
  • Booklists items (in frontmatter and backmatter elements) no longer uses the WingDings font for the element labels.
Map EDD (map_1.1.edd.mif/fm)
  • Changed the general rule for booklists elements (toc, indexlist, figurelist, etc.) so the fm-reflabel element is not required.
Book import XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl and expandOrig.xsl)
  • The bookmap2fmbook.xsl file was updated and expandOrig.xsl file was added to address some map to book conversion errors.
Book component template (gentpl~indexlist.fm)
  • Deleted an errant tab from the heading. This was causing bad formatting in the generated TOC

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Index see/see-also forced sorting works for all levels of index entries.
The automatic addition of forced sort strings to see/see-also entries works for all levels of those entries. You should not add your own forced-sort strings. For more information, see Working with Indexterms.
Revised the book-build processing order to ensure consistent results.
Under certain conditions (with specific options enabled or disabled), some of the book-build features were undone or improperly built, due to the order of feature processing. We have revised this order to ensure consistent and correct results. Specific features that were known to be affected are: fmx-variable creation (via the ImportAttrsAsVars INI parameter), variable rebuilding (the “Rebuild Variables” book-build option), and table title relocation and creation (the “Move table/title” book-build option). Book-build start and end time is now printed to the console window. Other features may also have been affected.
The UseOutputclassForType bookbuild INI parameter now controls pagination.
If the General/UseOutputclassForType parameter in the ditafmx-bookbuild.ini file is enabled, top-level map elements that use the @outputclass attribute to specify an alternate template, can now make use of a like-named section to define the pagination and numbering for the resulting component.
Related links to dita-rooted files are now created during a book-build.
The root topic within dita-rooted files can now be the target of a related-link defined by relationship tables.
Saved view settings are applied to new topics.
If the Restore Saved View Settings option is enabled, those settings will now be applied to newly created topics.
INIOnly/LastReferencedElement parameter moved to the “temp” INI.
The LastReferencedElement parameter is not a user setting, and changes each time the Reference Manager is used. This value, previously stored in the ditafmx.ini file, is now stored in the ~fmx-temp.ini file.
Updated handling of default values in INI files.
Some INI parameters, in particular ArchiveCommandLine, were not properly set to valid default values when those parameters were set to a null value. All parameters have been reviewed and when a null value is not valid, it is now set to the appropriate default value.
Authorization code corrections.
When entering the authorization data, user names can now contain non-alphanumeric character. Also, you no longer need to be running FrameMaker “As Administrator” to enter the authorization code.