1.1.14 - 31 January 2012

New Features

Default structure applications are automatically installed
On a new installation of DITA-FMx, the default structure applications are installed on the first use of FrameMaker.
New CallClient APIs have been added
The “InstallApps” API is now available for use by other applications to automatically install structure applications. This API does not require the use of the FMx-Auto addon.
The “AssignIdToElem” API is now available for use by other applications to assign an ID to the specified or selected element in a document. This API does require the use of the FMx-Auto addon.
Integration with the FMx-Auto addon
This DITA-FMx update is the minimum version that can be used with the FMx-Auto addon. FMx-Auto is a separate plugin that enables the API in DITA-FMx to allow automated PDF (and other) publishing options.
Integration with DITA2Go
If you have DITA2Go installed, a “DITA2Go Project Manager” menu item will be available on the DITA-FMx menu. (This checks for the %OMSYSHOME% environment variable and the existence of the d2gpm.exe file at %omsyshome%\common\bin.)
Integration with SuiteHelp DITA-OT plugin
The ditafmx-ant.xml file has been updated to include a “suitehelp” target. If you have the SuiteHelp DITA-OT plugin installed (from Suite Solutions), you’ll be able to generate the SuiteHelp webhelp output from the DITA-FMx Generate Output dialog.
If you are upgrading DITA-FMx, in order to take advantage of this integration, in addition to installing the SuiteHelp plugin you’ll need to do the following:
  • copy the updated ditafmx-ant.xml file into your DITA-OT folder,

  • update your ditafmx.ini file by adding a new “suitehelp” entry to the BuildFile section

Structure Application Updates


Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Updated the version of the import/export client to 1.1.14
Previously, the two plugin DLLs were not in sync; they were updated separately as needed when their code was changed. In an effort to reduce confusion, both DLLs will now have the same version number regardless of any changes to the underlying code. The import/export client would have been version 1.1.12 with this release, but it is now set to 1.1.14 to match the authoring client DLL.
XML Read Report messages no longer report missing images in book build
Previously, images were reported as missing even though they would typically be relinked to the proper file location during the book-build process. Missing images are now replaced with a default “missing” image file on file open. This process prevents the XML Read Report window from displaying when no real problem exists. The default missing image is defined by the value of the image/@placement attribute, and is one of the two files (installed in the FrameMaker\DITA-FMx folder) missing-image-break.png or missing-image-inline.png.
Use ditavals in Book Build process without registering the ditaval file
The DitavalName parameter now accepts a file name in addition to the registered ditaval name. This simplifies the use of alternate ditaval files for book builds.
Added new Book Build setting for controlling conditions
New General/AttrAsCondDefaultState INI parameter defines the default Hide/Show state for all “fmx-” conditions. Significantly updated the related documentation on this topic, see Passing Map-level Metadata to the FM Book and Adding Map to Book Metadata Mappings.
New maps are opened in document view
For FM9/10 if the “Open maps in document view” option is enabled, newly created maps are now opened in document view.
Fixed problem with writing of duplicate document dictionary PIs
If the structure application template contained document dictionary entries, each time you open and save a file, the entries would get duplicated as processing instructions in the DITA file. Now if a file contains duplicate document dictionary entries, only one instance is written as a PI.
Added support for proper whitespace handling around conrefs and xrefs
Recompiled the FM10 import/export client with the updated FM10 FDK to incorporate fixes provided by Adobe regarding whitespace handling in FM10.
Corrected problems when using nesting separators in see-also index entries
Resolved data corruption when an indexterm used two or more “nesting separators.” Previously, if a see-also entry made use of more than two reference terms, indexterm elements would not import properly and would thus be lost on file save..
A semicolon can now be defined as a see-also nesting separator. When specifying this type of separator be sure to use a slash-semicolon (“\;”).
Conrefs to tables and footers now properly round trip with the XDocs CMS
Previously, conrefs to table and sub-table elements as well as footer elements were not being properly converted into CMS-based paths. XDocs refused to allow these files to be checked in.
Attribute selection in the Set Attributes dialog remains correct when switching elements
Previously, when using the Set Attributes command, changing the element selection would cause the selected attribute to change incorrectly. This no longer happens.
External links with a desc element format properly
Previously, if an external link contained a desc element, the text of the desc element was merged with the linktext element. This no longer happens.
Fixed problems with fragref and synnoteref elements
When fragref and synnoteref elements are used, they no longer are assigned the @type, @scope, and @format attributes (invalid for these elements). Also, when synnoteref is written to XML, it is now correctly written as an empty element. Note that there are still some EDD and functional issues with the syntaxdiagram child elements, however they should all round trip properly. (These remaining issues will be addressed in a future release.)
Because fragref and synnoteref are specializations of the xref element, the @type, @scope, and @format attributes would be added when written to XML, to prevent this from happening, a new ditafmx.ini setting has been added to the INIOnly section. Use the SuppressXrefAttrs parameter to specify elements that should not have these attributes added. If this parameter is not set, this value defaults to “fragref synnoteref”.
syntaxdiagram/title is not treated as a figure title
Because syntaxdiagram inherits from fig, its title was moved when the MoveFigureTitles option is enabled. A new ditafmx.ini setting has been added to prevent this from happening. INIOnly/IgnoreFigTitleProcessing specifies a space-delimited list of fig-based elements to ignore. By default this is set to “syntaxdiagram”.
Linebreak PIs are no longer added to preformatted elements
By default, a linebreak processing instruction is added to all linebreaks entered into the document. These are not needed and in fact redundant when included in elements based on the pre element (such as screen and codeblock). These PIs are no longer added to pre-based elements by default.
There are two new ditafmx.ini parameters provided to control the linebreak PI feature. In the GeneralExport section, the WriteLineBreakPIs parameter can be set to 1 or 0 to enable or disable the writing of linebreak PIs (if not set this defaults to 1, enabled). Also in the GeneralExport section, the WriteLineBreakPIsInPre parameter can be set to 1 or 0 to enable or disable the writing of linebreak PIs within pre-based elements (if not set this defaults to 0, disabled). These parameters must be manually set in the ditafmx.ini file.