1.1.15 - 30 July 2012

New Features

Added support for FrameMaker 11
DITA-FMx can now be installed on FrameMaker 11. No FM11-specific modifications have been made to the code to support new FM11 features.
Added feature to disable “Runaround” on images
The default setting for the Runaround property is “On”, which causes problems when placing callouts over images. When using DITA-FMx this will automatically be set to “Off”. To disable this feature and revert to the default setting, set the INIOnly/RunaroundOff parameter in the ditafmx.ini file to “0”.
Strips space that follows open or close element tags
The ditafmx.ini file GeneralImport section includes a new parameter, StripTrailing. If set to 1, the import process strips space characters from the XML that follow opening or closing block-level element tags. This only strips the spaces when there are no other non-space characters in the node that follow the open or close element.
Added support for multiple DITA-OT environments
The ditafmx.ini file BuildFile section can include new parameters EnvironmentSetup-<buildname> and DitaDir-<buildname>.
Added support for EPUB publishing through the DITA for Publishers plugin
The ditafmx-ant.xml file has been updated to include a new “epub-out” target. Install the DITA for Publishers plugin, then update the Ant file in your DITA-OT installation, and add this entry to the BuildFile section in the ditafmx.ini file.
Added book-build support for master pages
When generating a FM book using the Generate Book from Map command, if your base template or component-templates make use of a StructMasterPageMaps reference page to control the application of master pages, those master pages will be applied. To enable this feature you must be using a book-build INI file, and in the BookBuildOverrides section set the UpdateBook parameter to “2”.
An alternative to the StructMasterPageMaps reference page method for applying master pages is to add an “fmx-masterpage” marker to a page. If this marker is found during the book-build process, the text of the marker specifies the name of the master page to apply to that page. This may be useful for the occasional setting of master pages. The fm-data-marker element can be used to set this marker. Note that in order to use this feature, the “fmx-masterpage” marker must be defined in the Topic and Book templates. For additional information, see Custom Master Pages.
Added support for ditaval filtering using missing @att or @val values
The Apply Ditaval as Conditions command (and book-build ditaval process) now supports processing using prop elements that don’t include the att or val attribute values. A ditaval prop that doesn’t specify the val attribute will match on all “att” attribute values. A ditaval prop that doesn’t specify the att attribute will match on all “val” attribute values.
Added support for ditaval filtering on topicref elements
Through updates to the Book import XSLT, filtering attributes applied to topicref elements are now passed on to the corresponding fm-ditafile elements in the generated FM files. Because of this update, filtering specified in the map will now allow you to hide entire topics in the generated book. Note that this does not apply to the root topicref elements at this time; the content will get filtered, but the file will still exist in the generated book. This could be achieved through further customization of the Book import XSLT if needed.
Added support for structapps.fm from Text Structure Consulting, Inc.
Text Structure Consulting (www.txstruct.com) provides a custom structure application definition file that offers extended features over the default option from Adobe. DITA-FMx now functions properly when this file is in use.

Structure Application Updates

Book DTD (fmxbook.dtd)

The fmxbook.dtd file has been updated as follows:

  • Added the fm-ditabook/@xml:lang attribute. This resulted in an error when generating a book from a map that included an xml:lang value.
  • Added authorname and copyrholder attributes to the fm-ditabook element.
  • Added filtering attributes to the fm-ditafile element.
Book EDD (book_1.1.edd.fm)

Added corresponding attributes to support DTD updates:

  • Added the fm-ditabook/@xml:lang attribute.
  • Added authorname and copyrholder attributes to the fm-ditabook element.
  • Added filtering attributes to the fm-ditafile element.
Book Template (book_1.1.template.fm)

The book template was updated as follows:

  • Imported updated EDD.
  • Added fmx-masterpage marker definition.
Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl and expandOrig.xsl)

A number of updates were made to the bookmap2fmbook.xsl file.

  • Incorrect references to a draftinfo element were changed to draftintro.
  • Support was added for a preface element that can reference a ditamap.
  • Additional support was added for the migration of map metadata to book-level attributes.
  • Updated processing to migrate filtering attribute values from topicrefs to the associated fm-ditafile element in the generated FM files. This allows ditaval/conditional filtering based on map-level attributes.

It is possible that these updates could cause problems for existing book-build processing, so the old XSL files are also provided as bookmap2fmbook.1.1.14.xsl and expandOrig.1.1.14.xsl.

Book Component Templates

The updated EDD was imported into the following component templates: tpl~appendix.fm, tpl~chapter.fm, tpl~part.fm, tpl~preface.fm

Topic Template (topic_1.1.template.fm)

Added fmx-masterpage marker definition.

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Updated “missing image” feature
The solution (added in 1.1.14) to eliminate the XML parser log messages about missing images has been updated. Instead of swapping all images for a default PNG, the temporary image replacement is done with an image of the same type. This eliminates the “missing filter” message that resulted from the previous implementation. A new “missing-images” folder now contains multiple “inline” and “break” images. The location of this folder defaults to a missing-images folder in the “Program Files” DITA-FMx folder, but can be set to another location by setting the GeneralImport/MissingImageDir parameter in the ditafmx.ini file. For details, see MissingImageDir in the INI-Only Settings topic.
Rotated table cells now remain rotated in generated files
If the “Conditionalize Data Elements” option is enabled, rotated cells were not remaining rotated in generated files. The cells now remain rotated regardless of this setting.
Language-specific book-build INI file now works properly
If the GeneralImport/UseLanguageTemplate parameter is set to “1”, the book-build process will check for language-specific versions of the component templates. Additionally it will check for an use a language-specific version of the book-build INI file. For example, if the map’s @xml:lang attribute value is set to “ja-jp”, DITA-FMx will look for the file ditafmx-bookbuild.ja-jp.ini.
fm-xref can now use outputclass for format name
Added the GeneralExport/FmXrefUseOutputclass parameter to ditafmx.ini. If set to 1, specifies that fm-xref elements use the @outputclass attribute rather than the @type attribute to store the cross-ref format name. (Should be considered experimental. Currently defaults to “0” if this parameter is missing or set to a null string, but will default to “1” in DITA-FMx 2.0.)
Linebreak now properly maintained in lines element
The 1.1.14 update caused linebreaks in the lines element to include a linebreak PI, but not the linebreak itself. This has been fixed.
Set Attributes functionality more sensible
When selecting an element after setting the attributes for another, the currently selected attribute remains selected if that attribute exists on the newly selected element.
Undo history now preserved
Clicking in the document window no longer breaks the undo history.
Xref and link references without a topicId now link to the root element
Xref and link elements whose href attributes include only a target filename will now properly reference the root element in that file.
Whitespace is properly stripped from elements within a section
Previously, with the Normalize Whitespace option enabled, whitespace within a section element was not stripped. It is now.
Whitespace is properly normalized for inline elements
Previously, for inline elements that terminated at the end of a line in the XML the whitespace that followed would be lost. It is now properly normalized.
Clipboard contents no longer lost
When creating a new file or opening an existing file, the clipboard contents remain available to paste after the operation has completed.
Apply Ditaval as Conditions “crasher” on Win7 appears fixed
Some Windows 7 systems would crash when the Apply Ditaval as Conditions command was run. This appears to be resolved now (fingers crossed).
Build Map from Outline “crasher” on Win7 appears fixed
Some Windows 7 systems would crash when the Build Map form Outline command was run. This appears to be resolved now (fingers crossed).
A PI that wraps to another line will crash FM during link processing
Strange but true. Has been fixed.