2.0.01 - 9 June 2014

New features

Generate Book from Map enhancements

New options have been added to the Generate Book from Map dialog.

The functionality of the Edit Book-Build INI button has been modified. If a book-build INI file exists in the book output folder, that file is opened for editing. If no INI file exists at that location, the default book-build INI file is copied into that location from the “user’s” DITA-FMx folder or from the DITA-FMx installation folder, then that file is opened for editing. If the Use Language Template option is enabled (in the Options dialog), a language-specific INI file is opened or copied using similar logic. Also, this button is now labeled “Edit INI” and a “Delete INI” button is also provided in order to remove the “local” INI file and revert processing to the default INI.

The Component Templates Override option lets you select a new component templates folder to override that specified in the book-build INI file. If the AltBookTemplatesDirs section exists in the book-build INI, the folders specified in that section are presented as alternate override options in the Component Templates Override list.

A new “Open Console File on Completion” option is available to automatically open the console log file after the build completes. Also, the build-consfile.txt file that is created in the build folder now contains only the console log messages for the current build (instead of all previous log messages for the session).

Now, when running the Generate Book from Map command, you are presented with a file browse dialog if the current file is not a map.

Added Apply Master Pages option to Book Build Settings dialog

Apply Master Pages has been added as a sub-option to the Update Book option in the Book Build Settings dialog.

Use Language Templates option

The Use Language Templates option is now available in the Options dialog (previously an INIOnly setting). This setting lets you maintain language-specific book-build INI files and component templates, based on the xml:lang value in the DITA map.

Added option to strip stop words from new file names

If the New File Name format uses a $TITLE* building block for creating new file names from titles, any “stop words” are stripped from the proposed file names. The INIOnly/StopWords parameter lets you specify a space-delimited list of stop words or a file name that contains the stop words.

Conrefs now partially supported in maps

Use of conrefs in a map title or other metadata element will now be available as a FrameMaker variable if the ImportAttrsAsVars book-build INI option is enabled. This feature should be considered “experimental” for now.

Structure application updates

Remember: Any modifications to a “common” EDD file must be updated in the structure application EDD (both Topic and Book), then imported into the associated templates as well as any component templates. Similarly, any modifications to templates will require similar changes to component templates. This has been done in the provided files, but if you’re implementing this on your custom files you’ll need to perform this operation.
Common EDD updates (commonElements.edd.fm)
  • Removed prefix label strings from note element definition. These strings are now defined in paragraph tags in template that are applied by the context rules.

  • Changed context rules for note to remove LevelRule for note within table cell (entry | stentry | propdesc | chdesc | choption), replaced with specific match on lists within cell. This prevents extra indents within table cell based on context outside of table.

Common Topic EDD updates (topic.edd.fm)
  • Removed prefix label string from related-links element definition. This string is now defined in a paragraph tag in template applied by the context rules.

Common Task EDD updates (task.edd.fm)
  • Changed step/@id and substep/@id types to UniqueID to allow linking from an fm-xref. Use the ParaNumOnly cross-ref format to link to a step or substep number.

  • Removed prefix label strings from prereq, result, and postreq element definitions. These strings are now defined in paragraph tags in template that are applied by the context rules.

Book and Topic application template updates
  • Added/updated paragraph tags to support new prefix and label strings assigned by EDD modifications described above.

Book DTD updates (fmx-book_1.2.dtd)
  • Updated to add specific general rules for certain inline elements that disallow PCDATA (data-about, copyright, critdates, metadata, keywords, prodinfo, vrmlist, menucascade). This fixes a situation that caused odd whitespace problems, in particular with menucascade structures that lost the “>” delimiter.

Bug fixes / minor updates

Coderef Manager update

The browse button in the Coderef Manager starts browsing from the current file’s location if no value is specified.

The maximum line length for a coderef file is now 1024 characters (increased from 256).

No @href specified for a key definition

If a key definition didn’t specify an href value, the map name was being used instead, which caused odd problems. This issue has been resolved.

Keyspace is automatically rebuilt for all book builds

If a map contains key definitions, a keyspace is generated for that map to ensure proper key resolution.

Xref to Hyperlink processing cleanup

In certain cases where a topic contained a large number of id attributes, the XrefToHyperlink processing during the book-build process could cause FrameMaker to crash or “sleep” for very extended periods. This appears to be resolved now.

Xref “alt text” works properly

An xref created with alternate link text preserves that link text after reopening the document. Previously, this link text reverted to the target title text.

Book build with images that have invalid file extensions

If an image had a file extension that didn’t match its actual file type, FrameMaker could crash during the book-build process. This issue is now resolved.

Move Figure Titles option no longer deletes figure titles

Occasionally if the Move Figure Titles book-build option was enabled, the moved figure titles would actually get deleted. This issue has been resolved.

Generate Book from Map with no map open didn’t build related links

Running the Generate Book From Map command with no map open would result in the related links not being added to the generated FM files. This issue is now resolved.

Maps in “deep” paths

The ~mapdata.ini file contains the build-specific settings and mappings. Maps in very long paths were causing this data to be deleted with each restart of FrameMaker. This issue is now resolved.

Element template updates

If no path is specified for the Element Templates Folder, element templates are detected in an element-templates folder within the current structure application folder (the folder that contains the app’s template file). To support this, an element-templates folder (along with a sample element template) has been added to the Map application folder.

When a map element template is used, the title and id are updated properly.

Where Used update

Because the Where Used command generates a report that is a FM binary file, it cannot operate in Author View mode. Now, when running this command in Author View, you are prompted if it is OK to switch to WYSIWYG View.

Search in Files update

If no folder is specified for the Search Scope, the browse button in the Search in Files dialog now starts browsing from the current file location rather than the file system root.