2.0.09 - 23 January 2023

New features

Added support for FM 2022

Only offering support for the 64-bit version of FM 2022 at this time.

Structure application updates

Common EDD inset files
  • None

Topic app (topic_1.2.edd.fm, topic_1.2.template.fm)
  • None

Book app (book_1.2.edd.fm, book_1.2.template.fm)
  • Due to a change in the structure application definition model in FM 2022, the new TransformationFile node needs to be added to the Book “stub” file. There is a special stub file for FM 2022, named structapps-stub_book_1.2-fm17.fm; use this when installing the Book app for FM 2022. For details, see the _FM17-BOOK-APP-INFO.txt file in the DITA-FMx_1.2/Book folder.


    If you’re using custom structure apps, you’ll need to add the TransformationFile node into your structure application definition for the Book app, otherwise you’ll get an XSLT error when running the Map to Book command.

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • None

Component template updates
  • None

Element template updates
  • None

Bug fixes / minor updates

Added ReloadRefsAgain feature
  • If enabled in the BookBuildOverrides section of the INI file, references are loaded a second time during the book build process. This may be needed under certain conditions where references don’t properly populate or render correctly.

ditafmx.ini updates
  • BookBuildOverrides/ReloadRefsAgain=[<1>/0]